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Choosing a specialism

At Stark Main Dental we act only for dental practitioners. This specialism allows us to serve the market with a depth of knowledge others cannot achieve. Our dental clients cover a wide range of their own specialisms, and its fair to say that strategically those with a strong awareness of their desired market tend to be the most successful, albeit the choice to ‘specialise’ in general practice can be a sound strategy too!

A recent report commissioned has reviewed one of the specialist markets available to dental practitioners, implantology. The key details of the report can be found here  but some very interesting statistics emerge from the data – most noticeably the size of the Global implant and dental prosthetics market which in 2011 was calculated as $6.782M and is forecasted to rise to $10,562M by 2016. Added to this is the fact that Europe holds the biggest share of the global market (at 41%). All in all it would seem like those who have chosen to specialise in this area have a strong future ahead.

We advocate a focussed, specialist strategy for all our dental clients. In the right circumstances this can provide a practice which provides strong returns on investment, a sensible work/life balance and a rewarding and high quality experience for all involved.

What’s your speciality and do you make the most of it? Let us know if you would like to discuss further, we’d love to help. 

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2 Sep 13

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