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COVID-19 Update – 23rd June 2020

We just wanted to give you a quick update today on behalf of the full team at Dental Accountants Scotland.
Given that most of the profession in Scotland will commence the return to practice journey in earnest this week we wish you all the very best and good luck with your re-opening.
There is no doubt, based on the English return and the fully private practitioners in Scotland who have already returned last week, that you are returning to a whole new experience and some challenges/adjustments are required to long standing processes and communication. 
The possible build up of patient demand, media miscommunication, new patient journey, increased PPE barriers to communication and dexterity allied to the restrictions on surgery time etc are pressures you will face. It seems inevitable that your mental and physical reserves will be tested in the days and weeks ahead. 
However, the greatest journey starts with one step, and this is a time to lead your teams and the profession through the phases which will follow. Your enthusiasm will resonate through the whole Dental Team and you will get through this together and stronger. The challenges will not last forever and your connection with each other has to chance to deepen.

We wish you well. Please look after yourself and each other. If you need any support we are here with you every step of the way ahead and happy to help. Our free advice service shall continue throughout the ongoing recovery phase and we are happy for you to lean on us- even if you just need someone to talk to as a release from the pressures. Do keep in touch.
We will continue to digest and communicate on arising news as and when we have something to share.
Good luck and stay well! 

Political Update

Should you wish to support a petition to raise a complaint to the Scottish Government and their ‘abandonment of NHS dentistry’ you can find more details and the registration at this link.

Clinical Update

Paul Graham (Christie& Co) will be presenting on our webinar this evening at 7pm and the event is very nearly fully booked. Entitled ‘ How are practice valuations impacted by Covid-19’ you can still grab one of the last free seats at the event at this link
We were delighted to welcome along Ian Hamilton from SOE Exact at our Principals Support Forum last Friday and he will present at our webinar on our Bounceback Higher Series event titled ‘ Business planning best practice for the new normal’ on Tuesday 7th July at 7pm – you can sign up for free at this link. 
For any Exact users Ian has confirmed that they have released the revised SDR to the software which can be installed to help with the NHS service delivery in Phase 2. The new fee file can be imported into Exact via the the SOE Portal.
This fee file will not display fees when charting and now denotes a lot of services (AGPs) with a “Red X” if charting anything other than what is allowed on the new SDR. There is also a new category in the service list called COVID-19 and all the allowed services are in there. The new codes that have been added specifically for Covid-19 are in Blue. You should have received an email directly with instructions but their team are happy to help with any issues. 
SOE continue to offer free access to their Patient Portal to aide contactless patient journey until September so do take advantage of their ongoing support.
Once again love and best wishes to you at this time from myself and the full Dental Accountants Scotland team. I hope you manage to stay safe and well. Good luck.
As a recurring reminder – our full team are now working remotely but ready and willing to continue to do all we can to support you in any way possible. Please feel free to continue to call my mobile 07375 700468 (day or night) or book a zoom online consultation here and I will be glad to support you in anyway. Our no fee advice is available to you at this time and we will do all we can as part of your team.
I invite you to keep up to date with information our blog and to like our Facebook page to stay in touch. 

Stay safe and look after yourself and all around you at this difficult time.

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