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DAS Accountant

Who are we?

Thank you for visiting our site. Great to see you!

We are a dedicated firm of Accountants and Tax Advisors based in Edinburgh and Selkirk. We are a trading division of Dental Accountants Scotland Ltd and we work with a very select group of non dental clients where we feel we can make a difference together.

How do we work together?

The majority of our clients come to us via direct referrals and after a period of exploring whether we can add value and respect and understand each other we create a supportive and bespoke service package.

If however you have found us by another means and would like to explore working with us we would gladly meet over a friendly and non sales orientated cup of coffee to get to know each other. Do call us or drop us a line on if you would like to meet up soon.

Otherwise please feel free to complete our contact form

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