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COVID-19 UPDATE #50 – 5th July 2021

It has been several weeks since our last update, which is reflective of a period of stability as the country…Read More

COVID-19 UPDATE #48 – 29th March 2021

This week we passed the first anniversary of the Covid-19 lockdown. When the pandemic arrived on UK shores in early…Read More

COVID-19 UPDATE #47 – 4th March 2021

We are now sharing our 47th Covid-19 digest in relation to the Scottish Dental Sector. We hope you find this…Read More

COVID-19 UPDATE #46 – 9th FEBRUARY 2021

As the nation’s lockdown period continues, and new strains of the virus emerge we progress cautiously together. Most of the…Read More

COVID-19 UPDATE #45 – 8th JANUARY 2021

As we nudge in to the New Year it is hard to believe we find ourselves in another lockdown, but…Read More

COVID-19 UPDATE #44 – 24th DECEMBER 2020

As we close our practice doors for the festive break and reflect on the most challenging of years for the…Read More

COVID-19 UPDATE #43 – 2nd DECEMBER 2020

As we ‘click’ in to December it is hard to believe that we are still in the grips of the…Read More

COVID-19 UPDATE #42 – 15th NOVEMBER 2020

At the end of another working week we are sharing our 42nd Covid-19 digest in relation to the Scottish Dental…Read More

COVID-19 UPDATE #41 – 6th NOVEMBER 2020

Following Guy Fawkes night I’m afraid I am not sharing any spectacular fireworks today, but there has been a significant…Read More


Today we share our 40th Covid-19 digest in relation to the Scottish Dental Sector this morning.It is effectively a short…Read More

COVID-19 UPDATE #39 – 31st OCTOBER 2020

We hope that this reaches you and your loved ones in good health, and that you are enjoying your weekend.…Read More


Today we are sharing our 38th Covid-19 digest in relation to the Scottish Dental Sector and hope that you find…Read More

COVID-19 Update – 26th September 2020

This is just a quick update today in case you had missed the SDCEP release yesterday. This short digest is…Read More

COVID-19 Update – 24th September 2020

Today we share with you our 36th Covid-19 digest in relation to the Scottish Dental Sector.As you may well have…Read More

COVID-19 Update – 5th September 2020

We hope this digest finds you in good health and you are looking forward to a restful weekend.Today we are…Read More

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